Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How to design an honeycomb in adobe illustrator

the final image w'll get

Program:- adobe illustrator

Topic:- effect, pathfinder, appearance panel,  hexagon tool, gradient tool, Shapebuilder, pathfinder, pen tool, shear tool

Time : 15 minutes

  • 1.       The base part

           Step 1:- choose the polygon Tool create hexagon with 60 px radius in dark yellow ( R=147                               G=104 B=20 ).

           Step 2:- To create a border behind hexagon, choose object>path>offset path and enter -6px.

           Step 3:- Apply  linear gradient to the offset hexagon. Set the gradient as shown-  

 2 The  Rendering part 

1.       Use ellipse tool, draw a circle covering lower half of hexagon. Apply gradient as shown.

2.       Select shape builder tool, and remove the uncovered circular area.

3.       Now draw two overlapping circle and add them using pathfinder. Delete the non-intersecting component from the inner hexagon. Set the option as shown-

4.       Draw the rectangle with rectangle tool at the bottom and two at the both sides as shown. Use shear tool to adjust the side of rectangle. Use gradient tool to fill.

5.        Now same procedure for upper three sides of hexagon. Fill the colour as shown.

6.       Now using selection + alt do the copy to do the copy if the image of rectangle and set the gradient. 

7.       Here your honeycomb pattern

for video tutorial you may go to https://youtu.be/hRQ8NNQFsh0