Friday, 1 July 2016


How to make 3D images in Illustrator

3D effect feature enable you to convert a 2D artwork object to a new 3D world object. In illustrator there are two ways of creating a 3D object one is use of bevel and extrude and another is revolve method. To apply the 3D effect to the existing 2D artwork effect option of appearance panel can be used.

In addition to modifying 3D effect, lighting, shading and map art task can also be controlled for an object. Let’s first start with creating a 3D object using 2D shape using bevel and Extrude.

Create a 3D object by bevel and extrude

Extrude and bevel specifies the depth and extent of any bevel that is to be added to the 2D artwork. Extrude 3D effect and extend the 2D object in a particular axis perpendicular to other two axis at which the object is placed.  You can use following steps to use bevel and extrude option.

Choose effect > 3D> extrude & bevel

Use Cap to apply solid or hollow effect in 3D object


Select Preview to see the resulting effect in window document.

Select Position to move the object from the perspective point of view.

Map art: maps artwork onto the surface of 3D object.

More options cover lighting shading colour.

Create a 3D object by revolving

Revolve sweeps profile in circular field path along the parallel axis of the object. In revolve the object is revolved along axis so only half part of the object is needed to depict the artwork.

The resulting image will look like the one shown in image above.