Tuesday, 12 July 2016


How to use Blend Tool in illustrator

Blend Tool  used to create and distribute impressive colour evenly between two objects. It can create blends of colour between two objects and to create colour transitions in the shape of a particular object. To perform blend operation, two object is needed.

After blend operation, the blended object is treated as a single object. It means that any operation on any of the object will be reflected on the whole blended tool.

How to create blend tool operation

1.      Make two objects. Select any of the as starting one.
2.      Now, select blend tool but avoid selecting anchor point. Object> blend> make.

Blend Tool Option

i.                     Double-clicking blend tool  or
ii.                   Choose Object> Blend> Option.

a.       Spacing – types of steps to  be added in blend operation
1.        Smooth color – this is auto calculated. It generate impressive solid fill colour between two objects.
2.       Specified steps – it sets number of steps between start and stop objects at a specified distance.
3.       Specified distance – it sets the specified distance between any two adjacent objects.

b.      Orientation :-
              1.    Align to page . orients the blend perpendicular to x-axis of page.
              2.   Align to path. Orient the blend perpendicular to the path.

Other operation of blend tool

a.      Expand :- this option used to convert the blended object into distinct objects. Complete blended object work as isolate object to perform specified operation on each object.


b.      Replace spine :- to remove the path along which the steps in a blended object are aligned. Select object and blended object. Choose object> blend > replaced spine

c.       Reverse spine :-  change the orientation of blend operation.

 Note:. Spine – path along which the steps in a blended object are aligned. Default straight path.