Thursday, 21 July 2016


How to design a perfect diamond in adobe illustrator using gradient tool

what we are creating

Program :- adobe illustrator

Topic :- gradient tool, appearance panel, star tool eye dropper

Time :- 30 minutes

If you are insane for stone and stone jewellery, then go through this article. In adobe illustrator, drawing a vector diamond is pretty. Throughout this tutorial I’ll use the diamond artwork; you can make it of own or download from the link shown at the end of this tutorial.

I will use this as a guide to help use create a perfect diamond

Basic part

Step 1:- Go to file>new. Now open the source file .

Step 2:- Select any of the facet and fill with the linear gradient as shown. Follow the same with all the rest of the facet and use the eyedropper tool  to fill.

After applying gradient tool, this artwork is like this only. This is not the diamond, so time to improve it.

Step 3:- Now select the whole artwork and remove the stroke. 

Step 4:-Select the gradient tool and click and change the orientation for each facet. Do until you get this.

Drawing the girdles

Step 5:- Select the rectangle tool and draw a rectangle that meets all the four points of the girdle edges. Use selection tool and meet the point to cover the missing part. Choose rectangle .right click>arrange>sent to back


Finishing touch

Step 6:- Without shining diamond is incomplete within itself. Choose star tool, without releasing the mouse, use arrow up/down key to add additional point. Hold the cntrl key and drag inward to increase the radius, so as to have a sparkling effect.

Here is the final image of your work. Enjoy it.

you can make a ruby also like

watch on youtube :-