Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to use gradient mesh tool in adobe illustrator

Gradient mesh tool is most amazing and confounding tools in adobe illustrator. With using this tool, a user can convert any shape into meshwork area. But remember shape means only noncompound object. 
Converting the shape into the mesh, each intersecting two line can be filled with a solid color. Again the filling work entirely depends on the type of option you have opt for gradient mesh work. This tutorial helps you to have command on gradient mesh work but only for noncompound shape.

here is the final image.

sun icon

Creating a basic mesh.

Step 1 : select ellipse and fill with RGB 255 242 0. now choose object> to create gradient mesh…

Step 2: set the preference as shown. You will get the work  as shown.

Step 3: using direct selection tool select any anchor and fill with RGB 255 171 0. Do it for other       
             anchor point till you get the final image.

Step 4: choose polygon and set the preference as shown. Fill it with RGB 255 242 0. Apply gradient
          a  mesh works on this shape.

Step 5: using the direct selection tool, fill the anchor point with RGB 255 130 0.

Step 6: make eyes ,nose, and mouth in order to give a funky look  to our hot sun.

Here is the final image.