Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Two ways to add long shadow to flat icon in adobe illustrator

           Two ways to  add long shadow to flat icon in adobe illustrator

With the increase in the flat icon, a long shadow is also in trend. In today,s tutorial we will take a closer look at the method used to create a long shadow art  in illustrator.

blend tool
final image


Program: adobe illustrator

Topic : blend tool, direct selection tool ,layer

Time: 10 mintue

1st method: using blend tool

Step 1: choose file>new form the panel. Set the preference as shown.


Step2: using the same layer, draw a rectangle and fill with RGB 0 174 239.


Step 3: make a new from layer panel (f7), make a star from shape tool at the centre of a rectangle. Make a copy by using alt key and place at 45 degrees at a distance as shown.

Step 4: using blend tool (W) make blend on both star shape. Now choose object>blend>blend option> specified distance 2pt. Now set the fill as RGB 241 242 242, RGB 167 169 172

blend tool

blend option

Step 5: create a new layer. Select the star tool to draw a star with fill RGB 249 237 50, above the first object of blend work. Again choose a new layer to draw the rectangle with no fill.

STEP 6: select the entire layer and choose object> clipping mask> make. This step will remove the extra shadow work on a star.

long shadow
final image 

Here is your star with long shadow.

Let’s go for the next method

2nd method: using direct selection tool

Step1: follow the above step 1 .here I choose a different fill RGB 0 166 81

Step 2: create a new layer to make the shown work .fill each rectangle with shown RGB 255 242 0, RGB 237 28 36, RGB 39 170 225, RGB 251 176 64

rectangle tool

Step 3: let’s start with the first rectangle work. Create a new layer and draw a rectangle from shape tool with no fill. Select the rectangle and object> transform> rotate -45 degree.
Using direct selection tool set the rectangle to make perfect shadow work. Fill it with the gradient tool. Follow the same for other three rectangle work.


long shadow

Step 4: here is your long shadow icon work is ready in illustrator

final image with the  long shadow

Hope you enjoy it!
or you can look youtube for video