Monday, 12 September 2016

how to make curtain ruffle using pathfinder in adobe illustrator

how to make curtain ruffle in adobe illustrator

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Creating origami typography in illustrator

Creating origami typography in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an origami style of topography. For this, we need to create simple use of basic shapes to build letters from and how to refine those into a more realistic look of your type.

Here is the final image:

Step 1 : Choose a new document of size and other preference as shown.

Step 2: Go to view and choose ruler to make our task easier. Now using the ruler ,drag to make straight lines both along vertical and horizontal.

Step 3: Our workplace is ready to use. The first letter we are going to create is the letter “A.” to make this alphabet; we will be creating a rectangle and it to be converted into this alphabet.
I will choose a width and height of slightly greater than the ruler we used. Now make four rectangles as shown in the figure.

Step 4: Select all the grey shapes and open the pathfinder panel. Now use the divide option to create multiple shapes.


Step 5: choose edit>ungroup and delete all shapes that are not used as shown in the figure.

Step 6: Use the delete anchor point using the selection tool to delete the corner to give the folding shapes like paperwork as shown.

Step 7: Now select the required shapes to merge them by using add option in pathfinder tool. Do it same for other shapes.

Step 8: Select any of the shapes and fill it with gradient RGB 255 93 23.



Step 9: Choose effect> stylize> drop shadow to give the impression of a shadow from the paper above the shape we have selected.

Now to give a more shadow look, go to appearance panel and copy the fill option. Go to transparency panel and set the opacity to 67% and set to overlay.

Step 10: Do it same for the letter “B”.


Here is your work. Hope you will like it. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Map art in illustrator


  How to do map art work in 3d rotate in adobe illustrator 

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to create shiny, vector dice in illustrator

How To Create Shiny, Vector Dice In Illustrator

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a set of vector dice using adobe illustrator and the create gradient mesh work. This tutorial is mainly a basic step toward adobe illustrator.

An example of the final image  what you might create.

Step 1. Create a new document (command +N) with the following dimensions.

Step 2 : select the rectangle tool from the toolbar . fill it with red and disable the stroke. Create a square of  300px by 300px.

Step 3: using selection tool select the rectangle and choose>effect>3D> extrude & bevel options . fill the reference as shown in the figure. This will convert the square into a cube. You can set the option as per your wish.

Step 4: after applying the 3D effect to the square, go to Object>expand appearance. By doing this step, this will convert the each face of a cube into separate shapes to fill colour.

Step 5:  select all the three shapes, choose windows> pathfinder> unite. This will merge the three shapes into one single shape.


Step 6: now go to effect> stylize>round corners. Set the radius of 30 px. Now again do expand appearance.

Step 7: now select  the rectangle and fill it with the gradient . set the preference as shown.

Step 8:  to create the sides of the dice create the rounded rectangle of shown preference. Fill it with yellow.

Step 9: to make the dots of dice , make an ellipse of 30px by 50 px and fill it with gradient mesh tool.

Step 10:  now set the rounded yellow rectangle on each of the three sides using the shear tool. Put the dots on the dice.

Step 11: now for the final touch, we can add a shadow underneath the pair of dice. With the ellipse tool(L), draw a large oval under the dice. Fill it with gradient tool, as shown.


There you have it. A pair of 3D vector cartoon dice using gradient tool in adobe illustrator.  

How to use 3d extrude and bewel tool to make a dice in illustrator