Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to create shiny, vector dice in illustrator

How To Create Shiny, Vector Dice In Illustrator

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a set of vector dice using adobe illustrator and the create gradient mesh work. This tutorial is mainly a basic step toward adobe illustrator.

An example of the final image  what you might create.

Step 1. Create a new document (command +N) with the following dimensions.

Step 2 : select the rectangle tool from the toolbar . fill it with red and disable the stroke. Create a square of  300px by 300px.

Step 3: using selection tool select the rectangle and choose>effect>3D> extrude & bevel options . fill the reference as shown in the figure. This will convert the square into a cube. You can set the option as per your wish.

Step 4: after applying the 3D effect to the square, go to Object>expand appearance. By doing this step, this will convert the each face of a cube into separate shapes to fill colour.

Step 5:  select all the three shapes, choose windows> pathfinder> unite. This will merge the three shapes into one single shape.


Step 6: now go to effect> stylize>round corners. Set the radius of 30 px. Now again do expand appearance.

Step 7: now select  the rectangle and fill it with the gradient . set the preference as shown.

Step 8:  to create the sides of the dice create the rounded rectangle of shown preference. Fill it with yellow.

Step 9: to make the dots of dice , make an ellipse of 30px by 50 px and fill it with gradient mesh tool.

Step 10:  now set the rounded yellow rectangle on each of the three sides using the shear tool. Put the dots on the dice.

Step 11: now for the final touch, we can add a shadow underneath the pair of dice. With the ellipse tool(L), draw a large oval under the dice. Fill it with gradient tool, as shown.


There you have it. A pair of 3D vector cartoon dice using gradient tool in adobe illustrator.