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how to make sony ericsson logo in adobe illustrator

       How to make SONY ERICSSON logo in adobe illustrator

In this tutorial we will make Sony Ericsson logo with simple steps. This tutorial cover the work of path and gradient tools for a beginner.

Time : 20 mins
Program : adobe illustrator
Tools : gradient, path, basic shapes tool direct selection tool.
  Here is the final image :

Step 1: choose file>new . set the preference as shown.

Step 2: lets start with the inner green circle. choose ellipse to draw a circle of 411x411px.

Step 3:  again with ellipse tool make another circle of 511x511px. 

Step 4: using ellipse and direct selection tool make an oval shape like this.this step cover to make a new shape from existing one.

Step 5: now select the oval shape, choose object>path>delete object below. Now again select the same oval shape and hit the del button. This task will remove the shape area below it.

Step 6: using the ellipse tool make another shape somewhat near the oval shape. follow the step 5 to remove the area. Now the shape will look somewhat like this.

Step 7: fill the outer shape with color RGB…………. The gradient task is left at the last so that it can be done easily takin consideration of other shapes.

Step 8 : make another circle of somewhat smaller than the edited shape but bigger than the inner circle to cover the unfilled area.

From here we are going to work on gradient tool work

Step 9: choose the inner circle filled it with gradient as shown in the figure.

Step 10 : choose the biggest shape and filled with gradient.

Step 11 : make three circles of 16x16px, 12x12px, 8x8px.


 Here is the logo of Sony Ericsson in adobe illustrator. Hope you like it.

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how to make sony Ericsson logo