Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to work with one point perspective grid in adobe illustrator

How to work with one point perspective grid in adobe illustrator

In one point perspective grid, one can easily place object, symbols in the active panel how complex it may be so it can be said that one point perspective is easy to handle and work out.
Perspective work in illustrator is preferred when you need to convey the concept of an object, or a live scene and it can be easily understood by the person while presenting your idea on one point perspective platform in illustrator.

Here is what we are creating.


Objects on left the perspective panel.

1.Left most building
2. rightmost wall with grass.

Object on horizontal panel

1   1. Two building .

      Object not on perspective work

1.Clouds, birds.

 1. Choose file> new . set the preference as shown.


 2.   Press shift+P(shortcut) to enable perspective grid. By default, two-point perspective      is enabled. So choose>object>perspective>one point perspective.

   3. You will get a grid on your artwork just like this. But we need to work on the    vanishing point to make some change with our present grid.

    4. Save the present grid as my grid for further work. now time to place the object in            perspective platform.

    5. Using active widget panel, active the left face of the cube. Choose rectangle filled         with the yellow and set stroke of 3pt of black color.


    6.  To make the protruding pillar , active the horizontal face of the cube and draw the          object. Similarly, complete the other objects.

      7.     Woking on left panel face, complete the task of window, doors.

     8.     To make the next building, active the horizontal panel. Choose rectangle and make         on the horizontal plane.

  9.    Similarly, make the other objects of this building.

    10.   Use a pattern to fill the wall on right most corner. Make some grass.

  11. To make the clouds. Hide the perspective . choose ellipse tool and make an overlapping ellipse. Select all the ellipse to choose pathfinder>unite. This makes all ellipses a single object.


Here is a comic a market area worked on one point perspective grid.
Hope you like it.